Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2015, Pages 125-252 
1. Minimal Usco and Minimal Cusco Maps

Pages 125-150

Lubica Hola; Dusan Holy

2. Cayley Graphs under Graph Operations II

Pages 151-163

Nasrin Malekmohammadi; Ali Reza Ashrafi

3. Statistical Ergodic Theorems for Markov Semigroups in Spaces with Mixed Norm

Pages 164-173

Inomjon Ganiev; Sanobar Sadaddinova; Umarjon Ganiev

5. Lipschitz Tensor Product

Pages 185-218

M.G. Cabrera-Padilia; J.A. Chavez-Dominguez; A. Jimenez-Vargas; M. Viliegas-Vallecillos